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Book Release: "Leading Work At Work"! (No, it's not the same title as the last one...)

So, a month today, on 24th August, I’m excited to say, my second book will be published on Kindle! Sort of. I mean, it is my second book, but it’s inseparable from the first; it’s a continuation of the same conversation but taken to the next level. Like non-identical twins, the books are both unique with distinct personalities, but their identities are inextricably linked. Let me explain.

“Leaving Work At Work ” has a focus on the individual and their ability to create positive habits themselves to improve their workload. It outlines the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of work/life balance and offers practical easy-to-implement solutions and tools. It’s a quick read so that it doesn’t inadvertently add to your workload, and is helpful for anyone working in any school in (almost) any role at any stage of their career.

However, “Leading Work At Work” isn’t for everyone. It’s written for school leaders, and aspiring school leaders, to help them shape the systems and processes within their school to place staff wellbeing at the centre of everything they’re doing without lowering standards. It acknowledges that the individual trying to read “Leaving” can make some significant changes - often more than we think is possible - but it posits that real school-wide transformation is only possible when SLT intentionally shape the school’s culture to make it easier for the individual to make those changes. But what does this actually look like? It’s making adaptations to marking policies which reduce workload without compromising on excellence; it’s creating a system of collaboration between staff, featuring regular check-ins with senior leaders and peer support between teachers; it’s making holistic changes to processes and policies, not box-ticking initiatives that skim the surface of wellbeing issues without dealing with the root cause. In addition, “Leading” is rooted in research as well as real experiences, and also outlines clearly how the book’s suggested changes allow a school to meet Ofsted’s exact requirements around wellbeing.

Finally, a highlight is the section entitled “Wellbeing for all”, added at the last moment in response to the brilliant writers of the “Perspectives” series on this blog: it draws together some of the most significant threads running throughout to form five learning points for how leaders can support the wellbeing of people who may be different to them, especially in terms of ethnicity and sexuality.

In conclusion, which one of my books should you buy? For many it will be just the first one, but for some it will be both. “Leaving” because you need to look after your own wellbeing before you can support others well, and then “Leading” so you can make a huge difference to all of your staff, who you have a duty of care for. If every school leadership team had a copy of this book, it wouldn’t solve all their issues, but I bet work/life balance wouldn’t be one of them, and I bet with reduced workload all staff would be better equipped to address everything else.

* * *

1st book: “Leaving Work At Work” is available for just £5 at: amzn.to/2Y56jbk

2nd book: “Leading Work At Work" is available to pre-order NOW and will be released on August 24th, available for £7.50 at: amzn.to/38ao1gz

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